Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Today I love


Snow. I've been in Canada for over a month now and I'm still not sick of snow. Snow is pretty and snow is fun and get this - snow crunches. Yes seriously, snow crunches when you walk on it! Can you believe it? No I can't either. I had no idea it did this and got the biggest shock the first time I walked on snow. It has been snowing pretty much all day today covering all the dirty mucky brown snow of days gone in its pretty new white snow look. I didn't take this photo (found it somewhere on Google) but is is very, very close to where I'm staying and outside looks like this only with snow EVERYWHERE and a lot deeper. I've taken quite a few photos today only I have no idea where the coard to plug my camera into the computer is and have no hope of finding it because it is lost in my room back in Australia.

- it's a couple of days later now, 'cause I had to surrender the laptop and never got to finishthis post, and the snow is starting to melt :( I no longer feel like i am in Canada, apart from the snow covering thr ground it felt like an Australian autum today. Very dissapointing. I like my winters cold thank you very much.


Winter clothes. Jackets and scarves and boots and hats.

- a couple of days later again and I bought a very lovely hat today. This hat infact, from Jacob.

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