Tuesday, 14 July 2009


One can never have too many notebooks, I was just reading this topic over at the frankie forum and I realised that I do in fact lust after too many notebooks.

A long time favourite has, of course, been Moleskine. I've only ever had one of their notebooks before, one of the City ones but I think that I might have to get another one after seeing this 2010 dairy of theirs.
It is a day a page dairy and as we know they cans be quite bulky and hard to carry around, so Moleskine have thoughtfully split it into 12 little notebooks but with a hard cover to keep them in when not on that month. I think I'm in love.

Another brand that I am fast falling for is O-Check. they have some pretty adorable designs.

And I have got to stop talking about notebooks because I get payed today and I might just be tempted to blow a large chunk of it on them.

Not all of them are notebooks per se but they are all papergoods so I think they count.


Jacinta said...

Ah notebooks, I share the addiction, I realised this when I retired a black 2009 moleskine diary in may because I found a red 2009 moleskine diary. *Smacks forehead* I am already scoping out 2010 ones...oh man.

laura elizabeth said...

Lol I did that in 2007 or 08. I think that I at least got half way through the year before I decided to get a new one.