Thursday, 10 September 2009

Frederic Bastin

I love Oyster. I've never read Oyster before but after only one flip through, I love Oyster. Oyster brought me to photographer Frederic Bastin and these photographs.

The British Farmers & The Math teacher and his Student

The Churchgowers

The Musicians & The Cowboys

The Forest People - which is my favourite, not just for the image itself but also for the caption that goes with it.

Living in a secret forrest village Rachel and Toon have many chores to complete. Rachel must collect berries every dawn and Toon is to chop wood. But last week in between chores - in the deepest, most hidden part of the forrest - they secretly shared a kiss.

Which then lead me to his website and these photographs, which I also love.

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Ali-bell said...

I've never bought oyster but a friend of mine LOVES it. she's shown me a few of their fashion editorials and they are definitely very cool, maybe I should get around to buying a copy one day...