Tuesday, 19 July 2011


So this is actually kinda of an old outfit and I've worn it a again since I took these photos. I just love it so much. I think I originally wore it to the movies. My local cinemas has cheap mondays for students so we go pretty much every week and although I'm not wearing any here it is a good excuse to crack out my many, many pairs of heels.

I really wanted to wearing the earrings that I'm holding in the second photo but I could only find one of them. :/

What I wearing:

  • Oversized black tshirt from target and extra long black singlet from ASOS underneath
  • Cardigan from work. I hated this cardigan when we first got it in, I think it was mostly the price that I hated though. Even with my discount I wouldn't have even considered buying it but when I came to Perth and I started doing occasional shift at our clearance store I couldn't resist it when it was down to $15 or $20. 
  • Galaxy print tights from Black Milk Clothing. Love these tights soooo much. They don't do plus sizes unfortunately but I manage to squeeze into their largest size and luckily they seem to be stretching a little over time. I've got some of his other designs as well and I completely love them all :)
  • Black boots from I Love Billy. 

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anni-herz said...

just found your blog via "the red rosette" and i really love this leggings :)
i'm following you!