Thursday, 5 November 2009

shop shabd )) leggings + shorts + tights )) aurora

Shabd: Inspired by Hubble telescope photos of worlds being born and stars dying. They bring design, chance and chaos into a perfect balance.

I am wild about these stockings.

and these tights are also pretty rad.

Unfortunately they are a little bit out of my price range but I found these slightly similar ones from We Love Colours instead. They aren’t quite as cool but they are much more in my price range.


Lady Smaggle said...

Whoo hoo! Look who won Squiz cards! Visit my site to claim! Totally gorgeous blog by the way... so glad I found you! x

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing these :) They are beauties. x

I have a slim-average foot with a particularly narrow heel that slips out of almost all shoes.
I found that at a half-size too big my heel slipped out of the bootie very easily because the angle of the opening is very wide.
When I put the innersole in I found that my heel slipped out less, but it does still slip a little (as it does in most shoes).
I find them to be a good to slightly generous width. x

Every Little Counts said...

I just saw Shabd on Martha Stewart! I never thought I would go for tie- dye, but I do love her entire collection. you should watch the show online- she tells you how to make them yourself.