Saturday, 14 November 2009

all grown up

How I wish this actually was a post about Rugrats.

I was reading Ms. Muse's lastest post and it took me a little while to realise who I was looking at. It's Dakota Fanning on the cover, hasn't she grown up.

Now I just want my copy of Teen Vogue to hurry up and get here, I think Miss Dakota Fanning is a fabulous covergirl for my last Teen Vogue. I figure seeing as I'm not a teenager anymore I wont renew my subscription. I think I might subscribe to Oyster instead.

In other news I just ordered my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, the 99 zip wedge. They are on backorder until the end of December but I dont imagine I'd get much wear out of them in summer in anycase.

Love, love, love.

As much as I love the Acne ones that I posted about a couple of months ago I think I love these even more, much more in my price range and also much more walkable. Plus the Acne ones have been sold out for ages.

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