Saturday, 26 July 2008

Crying Glasses

I have recently fallen in love with this photograph, I'm not entirely sure why but for some reason I just feel drawn to it. However, I'm having some trouble working out who it actually belongs to. I first spotted it in a Contextualizing the Garment uni manual that my Textiles tutor lent me for research on my final creative art piece for that unit and the photo was attributed to Helmut Newton, who was a German-Australian fashion photographer, but when I got home and looked him up his website made no mention of this photograph at all. So then I looked up the title of the image and found Hayley Newman's website so as far as I can tell the photograph is of her during a social experiment of some kind, which is helpful because now I know who it is of (and also whose idea it was) but not who actually took it because so far I have been able to find at least two names that have been credited to it (I thought that there was also a third but when I went looking for it just then I was unable to find it) - Casey Orr and Christina Lamb. If anyone knows anything that might solve the mystery it would be greatly appreciated as it has been bugging me for a while now but regardless it is a wonderful photograph that I wanted to share.

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Anonymous said...

Casey Orr shot that image.