Monday, 21 July 2008

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

A year ago today.

It is kind of sad. I miss Harry Potter. It was fun looking forward to the next book coming out but now its done. I'm definitely not obsessed with the series as I used to be, I think the story not being finished had a lot to do with that. Because (yes, I know that it is very bad grammar to start a sentence with 'because' but it just needs to be done) you didn't know how the story was going to finish so you had to keep on reading until it was and now that it is - well, it's just different now.

And (yes I know, another grammar faux pas) I don't care what people say about how we still have the movies to go, it just doesn't compare. We already know what is going to happen. The excitement is different, sure it is exciting waiting for the next movie to come out but IT IS a different type of excitement - with waiting for the next book it was the excitement of the unknown, waiting to find out how the series was going to end, waiting to see what was going to happen to to the beloved and not so loved characters that I had grown up with. Like I said, it's just different now.

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