Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pretty pretty pastel floral - OOTD

This is a couple of days late I actually wore this to work on Sunday.

What I'm wearing
  • Black t-shirt from Target. I am in love with these t-shirts I think I've got about 4 of them wear them to death. 
  • Light grey cardigan from work. I think I've got this cardigan in just about every colour it came in, so comfy 
  • Floral skirt form Cotton On. I FREAKIN HATE this skirt. Love the pattern but I was so uncomfortable all day long, I had to readjust the skirt about every five minutes. It was the first time that I'd worn it but the elastic band is already starting to unravel. I think I might retire it. 
  • Key necklace handmade. I think the key used to open the front door of the house I grew up in. 
My hair was particularly well behaved on this day. Normally it is pretty hard to taame, especially when my fringe is wayyy to long (like it is at the moment). Also, my hair is finally growing out. YAY. About 2 years ago I got it all cut off, I'd never had short hair and wanted to see what it was like. I didn't mind it for the first year but ever since I've been trying to grow it out and it is finally getting longer. 

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