Saturday, 11 June 2011

Straight through this universe in my head - OOTD

I've been trying to take photos to do an outfit post for a really, really long time but I haven't been able to get any photos that were even slightly usable from my DSLR with the self timer and I was getting absolutely nowhere. So I figured that I'd try my webcam and they turned out at least a little better than my other attempts. 

I snapped these ones quickly after work yesterday and seeing at I worked the late shift and didn't get home until after 10pm it was dark outside, so I think I'm going to have to try it again in the daylight and hopefully I'll get better results. Don't mind the closes ups but not to fond of the full body shots. hmmmm.

Wore this to work today. I work in fashion retail and we are meant to wear full price product at all times but as it is a straight sized store not that much fits me. I always try to wear at least one piece from there though.

What I'm wearing

  • Black button up oversized shirt from work. I am totally in love with this thing, I actually hhave two of them. It is just really comfortable and perfect for work and running around after customers because it is pretty lightweight.
  • Floral skirt from Cotton On. 
  • Knitted circle scarf from Rubi
  • Thick cotton stockings from Target. I only bought these the other day and was totally stoked to find them half price!
  • Silver filagree ball earrings from Just Jeans. I loved them so much that these are my second pair of them.

lyrics: Space Travel - Yellowcard. 

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